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Atheta beetles are small, skinny and black with 6 legs and a short antenna. They are strong flyers and can often be found stuck on yellow sticky traps or the walls of the greenhouse if the population is high. They are fairly easy to see with the naked eye and can be spotted on growing mediums. Larvae and adults may be monitored by disturbing the growing mediums and watching for movement. One easy way to monitor soil populations of both Atheta and Fungus Gnats is by placing a slice of potato on top of a growing medium in different areas of the greenhouse and inspecting the underside of it 24-48 hours later.

Since Atheta is a soil-dweller the effects of foliar sprays are less harmful than soil drenches. Though keep in mind this only works if you are using soil as a growing medium, if using hydroponics then foliar spray may be just as harmful. Please check the side effect charts of chemical sprays carefully to confirm they will not harm the predator. If you have more question please contact us for a free consultation by one of our Ph.D. entomologist. We would love to help.

Atheta, also known as Rove Beetle, are soil-dwelling predators that are known to be aggressive feeders of fungus gnats, shore flies, moth flies, and pupae of thrips and springtails.  They are highly active in the soil and can fly from plant to plant, allowing them to quickly establish their population in various environments. Athetas complete life cycle takes 21 days, during which it consumes around 10-20 pests a day. It is not a diapausing insect and can be used year-round.

Atheta prefers a warm and humid environment (25°C and humidity of 50-80%). However, they are effective between a wide range of temperature (12°-30°C) and do not die even in an extremely cold environment, surviving Ontario winters by going deeper into the soil. Since it is a soil-dwelling predator it is less affected by the external environmental conditions than other biocontrol agents. Orius is known to successfully work in many different settings including greenhouses, outdoor fields, interiorscapes, orchards and vineyards, ornamentals, and mushrooms.


Release as soon as possible but if storage is necessary containers can be held at 10°C for up to 7 days. Release rate varies considerably depending on the crop, infestation level and season of the year. This is just a general release rate, please contact us here to create an IPM program that works for you.

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Atheta 1K (1000 Dalotia Coriaria) Breeding Box
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