Jennifer Balandyk

Dr. Abida Nasreen

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa

Posses strong knowledge for the effects of pesticides on plants. Has worked with the City of Windsor to maintain plants and oversee parks while working with the Parks and Recreation Department. Is a licensed pesticide spray technician and has a degree in Plant Molecular Biology. His interests include insect ecology and plant maintenance.

Specializes in bio-control of insect pests in greenhouses, orchards, and mass rearing of beneficiary insects. Her background includes research with the Government of Canada on the effects of entomopathogenic insecticides on commercial greenhouse pest populations, in addition to habitat restoration and monitoring of Ontario native bees. Experienced in biotechnology through the application of synthetic aerosol pheromones, and pheromone lure traps to control for moth pests in orchards. Her interests include the utilization of integrated pest management techniques in the field, and sustainable agriculture practices. 

Excellent knowledge on beneficial insects and insect pests of crops, orchards and vegetables. Has conducted extensive research on rearing procedures and use of insect natural enemies in integrated pest management of different crops. Has experience in data collection, data analysis, and management of biological information. Has a strong background in planning and conducting research and development projects. Experienced in insect mass production and technology transfer programs concentrating on parasitoids and predators.  Published 33  research papers in peer- reviewed journals. Conducted intensive research on quality control of stored versus fresh insect parastoids, predators, and predatory mites during her post doc studies.

Certified crop advisor with a PhD in Integrated Pest Management with postdoctoral experience in insect biotechnology and greenhouse IPM, worked with renowned Canadian scientists. Expert in greenhouse operations, environment control, irrigation, nutrient management and greenhouse IPM strategies. Innovatively developed an applied system of water conservation and nutrient recycling for greenhouse industry to use hard underground water for hydroponics system. Introduced In-house bio-control concept for pest management of greenhouse crops. Collectively over 20 years’ experience in R&D and applied agriculture including the most sophisticated hydroponics system.


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