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Lady Bug (beetle)

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Lady beetle (Hippodamia convergens) laboratory-bred 

Target Pests

  • Aphids (Cherry-Oat Aphid, Foxglove Aphid, Green Peach Aphid, Melon Aphid, Potato Aphid,  and other aphid species) 
  • Other soft-bodied pests 

Ideal Environment

  • 16-28ºC and humidity of over 50%.

Tips & Tricks

  • One lady beetle can feed on 500-800 aphids in its lifetime!
  • Lady beetles will only stay on the plant as long as there is food available for them (aphids, pollen, other soft-bodied pests, etc), once the food is gone the lady beetles will fly away to other plants. So only apply lady beetles if you've spotted an aphid colony.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Zackery Manuncia
Awsome bugs and service

I lady bottles from growliv wonderful little insects work great

Peter Klose
Hot peppers quickly recovered

I bring my hot peppers inside during the winter. Last month they became infested with aphids, so much so, they only had a few leaves and were clinging to life. I tried hand washing with soapy water, which did very little. Someone on Facebook suggested ladybugs, so I ordered 25. In about 2 weeks, that sheen left behind by aphid excrement was all but gone, and new leaf growth was proliferating. The plants are well on their way to a full recovery, and the lady bugs seem to still be thriving.

Shaewn Graham
great bio's

This has been my second order placed with this company/distributor,, and will use them again if needed, as the quality and the speed they were sent out was phenomenal. Great transaction.

They all died

The lady bugs all died in a matter of days, despite following all directions, and even while they were alive they wouldn’t stay anywhere near my spidermite infested plants. They clung to my windows and provided no benefit. I called growliv and left a message to ask questions, but never received a call back.

While lady beetles are aggressive aphid predators, they cannot survive on a spider mite diet alone. When lady beetles don’t have the required food, they tend to either fly away in search for food or starve and die. A predator such as Persimilis may have been a better choice for spider mite control.

As a biocontrol producer we guarantee live delivery but cannot guarantee efficacy or survival of the predators since we have no control over how they are stored and/or released on to the crop. Next time please reach out to us and we can help you decide on a natural enemy that works best for your pest issue.

Lady Bugs get the job done!

Just within a week I am already seeing amazing results. I am so impressed and beneficial insects are my way to deal with pests now. Try them out!

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