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Dalotia Coriaria

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Dalotia Coriaria (Atheta Coriaria, Rove Beetle)

Target Pests

  • Fungus Gnat
  • Shore Flies
  • Moth Flies
  • Pupae of Thrips and Springtails


Ideal Environment

  • Ideal temperature and humidity of 25°C and 50-80% RH. Since Atheta is a soil-dwelling beetle, temperature fluctuations don't affect it as much as other predators.
  • It can survive even in extremely cold Canadian winters by going deeper into the soil. 


Tips & Tricks

  • Use the breeding bucket for long-term preventative control, one bucket can last for 3-6 months.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shawn Nagle
Great product and easy to breed

These work very well and are easy to breed at home to keep a consistent supply.

Asad Minhas
Fungus Gnats and Aphids in total control

Both the delivery and product packing was superb and it reached with live insects. Fungus Gnats and Aphids are in total control in my small grow room. Next time, I planned two applications: Once in spring and the other in fall.

Bugs be gone!!!

Fungus gnats are now a thing of the past! Very healthy batch of good bugs!

Nadine Dubois
Noticeable Reduction in Fungus Gnats

I couldn't see much action in the material but fungus gnats are noticeably less since application. First timer with biological control so still adjusting to the seemingly "invisible" nature of the product. Plan to repeat treatment in the fall.

Lively insects, great service

I purchased these to combat fungus gnat and thrips larvae in my plant room. I received very lively insects in a very fast delivery and am a happy customer. This will be my go to pest control shop.

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