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Amblyseius Swirskii

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Target Pests

  • Two-spotted Spider Mites
  • Russet Hemp Mites
  • Broad Mites
  • Strawberry Mites
  • Onion Thrips
  • Western Flower Thrips
  • Eastern flower thrips
  • Whiteflies


Ideal Environment

  • Swirskii prefers temperatures of 25°C – 30°C but is very tolerant of hot temperatures compared to other predatory mites.
  • Humidity of 60% or higher is required. Please don't use or store any mites in low humidity, they won't survive.
  • Use as soon as delivered for optimal results.


Tips & Tricks

  • We recommend using Swirskii in combination with Encarsia to control whiteflies since Swirskii feeds on whitefly eggs and first instar nymphs, while Encarsia feeds on whitefly pupae.
  • Don’t use Aphidoletes aphidimyza with Swirskii since it will feed on the predators’ eggs.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Emma Williams
Bugs were alive, however don't seem to be doing anything about the thrips or spider mites

My Fiddle Leaf and Monstera both have thrips and the fiddle leaf i just found out has spider mites. I bough what i thought would work with how much I had to spend on this problem and sadly it seems the bugs have done nothing. I have thrips and spider mites all over all of my fiddle leaf and my monstera is not doing well at all. I'm pretty disappointed. The reviews were glowing. I know it doesn't always work but for the money and express shipping that still wasn't that fast ( I know because of Covid packages are coming slower than usual) however, I still paid 30$ in shipping for the product to not arrive overnight. Unfortunately, while others have had success I don't think I would chance it again for how much everything ended up costing.

Nazila Choolun
Great customer service

My shipment was delayed and they promptly provided replacements. Please keep up the good work. Will buy again!

Cheryl P
Customer Service

This Co. is absolutely wonderful to deal with. I had a small concern and with in less than a day it was made right. I highly recommend and will being using them for all my future orders.

Roxane Duguay
Amazing customer service

It was my first time releasing beneficial mites, but they helped me chose the right kind, replied all my questions and made it easier for me!

Speedy little dudes

The mites are a lot smaller than I thought they would be, but the move fast! I sprinkled them and the weird substrate all over my pots. Feed babies. FEED!

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