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Stratiolaelaps scimitus

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 Formerly known as Hypoaspis Miles

Target Pests

  • Fungus Gnat Larvae
  • Soil stages of Thrips
  • Sciarid Flies
  • Shore Flies
  • Root Aphids
  • Springtails
  • Root Mealybugs
  • Bulb Mites
  • Poultry Mites


Ideal Environment

  • 15-30°C with over 60% humidity
  • Since its a soil-dweller these conditions are relative to the soil rather than atmospheric conditions.
  • Colder temperatures can hinder the predators’ ability to reproduce.


Tips & Tricks

  • Hypoaspis is also an excellent option for preventative measures since it can survive on many other pests if thrips or fungus gnats are not available.
  • It has a relatively long life, living on average up to 60-75 days while consuming 1-4 pests a day.
  • Hypoaspis does not diapause and can be used year-round.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Jodi McKim

    Stratiolaelaps scimitus

    Thanks for your feedback! :)

    James Berg
    Controlling pests at soil level

    After 4 months of trial and monitoring, the combination of orius Insidiousus with stratiolaelaps scimitus seems to be the effective solution for controlling leaf pests (thrips and spider mites specifically) in my 160 sq ft greenhouse that I've been hoping to find. New plant growth seems more consistent and older leaves are maintaining a better show quality.
    Added bonus: fungus gnats are also reduced to insignificant numbers so no more ugly sticky traps photobombing my Instagram submissions.

    Happy as always

    I use Stratiolaelaps scimitus regularly as a preventative measure for my 200+ houseplants and I've always been pleased with the results. In my opinion, there is no better way to prevent/treat pests when you have so many plants.

    Ashton Kryzanowski
    Works really well!

    Controls fungus gnats well if used in combination with yellow sticky traps inserted into the soil -- need both to control both the larvae and the adults. Would purchase again!

    Andrea Guedez

    Arrived very quickly and in excellent condition. Was able to 1x10,000 package on 30+ houseplants. Would highly recommend!

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