About Us

Founded in 2014, GrowLiv has been striving to provide greenhouse growers with ecologically and economically friendly solutions for 7 years and counting. Our goal is to prove biological controls can work with or replace chemical pesticides by connecting Canadian growers with healthy, energetic insects to solve their pest problems.

With facilities located in Amherstburg, Ontario, we are right in the center of the Windsor-Essex growing region and just outside Leamington, the greenhouse capital of the country. Our products are reared locally in Southwestern Ontario and never cold-stored -- we ship to your door within 24h of harvesting in order to provide you with predators that are lively and ready to take down pests!

Meet the Founders

Dr. Abida and Dr. Mustafa, are entomologists that worked as professors and researchers for over 30 years before founding GrowLiv. Their experience in teaching, researching, and developing techniques for the use of beneficial insects in agriculture is what inspired them to start their own insectary, saying

“Natural pest control is the only long-term, sustainable solution for plant pests. It’s not only good for our planet, but also cuts long-term costs for farmers.”

Whether you’re just starting out with biocontrol or have already found success in biocontrol and IPM, we want to help meet your pest control needs.

Feel free to browse our online shop or reach out to us at contact@growliv.com for more information.