About Us

GrowLiv is a commercial insectary that breeds and sells biological control agents for the control of plant pests and diseases. Our production facilities are located in Amherstburg, Ontario. The beneficial insects that we provide have been thoroughly researched and are proven to effectively suppress pest populations.

All our biological controls are compatible with the needs of organic fruit & vegetable growers and medical cannabis growers.

Our product is never cold stored and reared right here in Southwestern Ontario. Our location advantage means that our product are not only fresh but also cost-effective.

Meet the founders!

Abida and Ghulam are entomologists that founded Growliv Biologicals insectary in 2014. Before starting GrowLiv, they worked as professors and researchers for over 30 years, teaching and developing techniques for the proper use of beneficial insects in crops. They are passionate about providing eco-friendly solutions to farmers and reducing the use of chemical pesticides applied to horticultural crops. They believe that natural pest control is the only long-term sustainable solution for plant pests. It's not only good for our planet but also cuts long term costs for farmers.

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