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Due to the impact of COVID-19 shipping couriers have suspended all overnight shipment guarantees. You may experience 1-2 day delays in your shipments. During this time we will only be shipping packages from Monday - Wednesday to avoid the risk of delays on Fridays which will cause shipments to be held up over the weekend and arrive in poor condition. Read More





Delivery Chart

Beneficial Insect
Amblyseius Californicus

1 Business Day

Amblyseius Swirskii 
Dalotia Coriaria
Dicyphus Hesperus
Neoseiulus Cucumeris
Hypoaspis Miles
Orius Insidiosus
Green Lacewing Eggs
Lady Beetles
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Green Lacewing Larvae



 3 Business Days

Green Lacewing larvae take 3 days to hatch. Please place your order three days in advance for priority overnight shipping. 

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Phytoseiulus Persimilis 

Aphidius Colemani





Orders must be place by Tuesday to be shipped the following Wednesday

Persimilis and Aphidius are supplied by another insectary. All orders must be placed by Wednesday for delivery by priority overnight shipping the following Monday. If spare stock is available orders received after Wednesday deadline will be sent at the same time, otherwise they will be carried forward until the next delivery date.  


We don't ship on Thursday or Friday, any orders placed on those days will be shipped the following Monday.


Currently we only deliver to Canadian addresses.


Return and Refunds

There are no returns on live insects, however if shipment was damaged or there are viability issues we will provide a refund or replacement. Please notify us of any issues within 24 hours of receiving the items, any issues that are brought forward after will not qualify for a refund or replacement. Please ensure you are available to receive the shipment when it is delivered, we will not be responsible for wrong addresses or unattended/mishandled deliveries. 

Beneficial Insects Handling and Care

Release the beneficial insects as soon as possible after receiving. Shipping and storage are very stressful for insects. We do not recommend storing them for over 24 hours.

For best results, release bios when temperatures are mild and humidity is high in the Greenhouse. Mid-afternoon can get very hot for beneficial insects, and their survival rate can drop.

If you are unable to release beneficial insects the day they arrive, keep them in a cool place. For most beneficial insects 16C-20C temperature is suitable.

Predatory mites need to be stored at a RH of 60% or higher. Low humidity can increase their mortality rate significantly.






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