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Green Lacewing Larvae

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Green Lacewing larvae take 3 days to hatch. Please place your order three days in advance. 


Target Pests

  • Aphids (preferred)
  • Mealybugs
  • Whiteflies
  • Thrips
  • Spider mite


Ideal Environment

  • 67–89°F with RH of 30% or higher. These are optimum conditions and not necessarily essential for successful implementation.


Tips & Tricks

  • If ants are present, they should be controlled. Ants eat green lacewing eggs and protect aphids from predators in exchange for their honeydew secretions.


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Customer Reviews

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Terry Baillargeon
Back to the Egg

Always amazed at the Natural Order of Nature. Always intrigued by Apex Predators and how they maintain their rank in the food chain...especially impressed with these lacewing larvae and how aggressive/voracious they are. Second time using them now..they do not disappoint. Quite happy with response time of this company GrowLivBiological buddy ordered from Niagara Falls area and it took like 3+ weeks. With GrowLiv it was a couple of days. Used these Green Lacewing eggs earlier on to eradicate leafhoppers and thrips...they vanished within days.

Bruce Lavers
Green Lacewing Larva

Delivered in a timely manner, released the day I received them. Some larvae were ready to go and devoured the aphids.

Denise Otten
Great Product

Arrived promptly and the little bugs were busy eating the aphids soon after! We are delighted with the fact that we are not using pesticides to control the aphids.

Doug Beaucage
Great service and products.

After developing an issue with aphids, I contacted Meshal and received expert advice on the actions that needed to be followed and purchased the necessary "beneficials" . Very happy with the results as the beneficials made themselves at home and cleared up the issue. Very happy with the results.

Shed approved

Don't hesitate - knowledgeable, fast service and much greater life in my opinion then the KOP competition

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