Do you ship to the United States?

No, currently we only offer shipping in Canada with the exception of wholesale american customers. 

How long can I store natural enemies? 

Release the beneficial insects as soon as possible after receiving. Shipping and storage are very stressful for insects. We would not recommend storing them for over 24 hours. 

For best results, release bios during the time of day when temperatures are mild, and humidity is high in the Greenhouse. Mid-afternoon can get very hot for beneficial insects, and their survival rate can drop.

If you are unable to release beneficial insects the day they arrive, keep them in a cool place. For most beneficial insect 16C-20C temperature is suitable.


What are the release rates for natural enemies?

Each insect/mite has its own release rate. It varies considerably depending on your growing environment, type of crop, and infestation level. Please send us a detailed email about your pest problem and we'll be happy to help! Contact us

Which natural enemy should I use for my pest problem?

Please check out our pest page which has control solutions based on the pest problem.

Can I pick up my shipment from your facility?

Due to COVID19 we are only offering contactless curbside pickup options. Please send us an email if you are planning on picking up your order. 

Do you offer same day delivery? What's your return policy?

No, we need 24 hours of processing time. However if you are in the Amherstburg, ON area you can pick the shipment from our facility the same day (some natural enemies require more time). 

Please check out our shipping and return page for delivery schedules of all beneficial insects and our return policy



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