How to use ChrysoLiv-A

What is in the ChrysoLiv bottle?

Predator: Green lacewing adults

Food: Honey yeast solution

How to release ChrysoLiv larvae?

  • For best results, release as soon as receiving shipment.
  • To release, open the tray and place it near the plants.
  • Lacewing adults are active fliers and will disperse throughout the crop on their own.
  • Avoid pesticides (organic or synthetic) before and after release.

Can you store ChrysoLiv?

We recommend releasing the predators immediately upon arrival.

If storage is necessary, you can store the lacewing adults in a cool dark place for 1-2 days.

How to promote establishment?

Temp/humidity: Lacewing works best in warm and humid environments. Temperatures of 26°C and a relative humidity of 60% work well to promote establishment.

Once the green lacewing turns into an adult it mainly feeds on honeydew. Supplemental nectar can be added to crops to help lacewing adults lay eggs. Some plants (grapes, peaches, etc) naturally secrete their own nectar which can help with establishment.