How to release HippoLiv (Hippodamia convergence)

What’s in the HippoLiv tub?

Predator:  Lady beetle (Hippodamia convergence) adults.

Food: Bugfeed 

HippoLiv Hippodamia convergens lady beetle

How to release lady beetles?

  • For best results, release as soon as receiving shipment.
  • To release, open the tray and place it in the centre of the hotspot.
  • Avoid watering for 30 min before and after release.
  • Lady beetles tend to fly away if there isn’t enough food available. Make sure to release them in an enclosed area.
  • Avoid top watering or washing the plants.

Can you store lady beetles?

It is recommend to release the predators immediately upon arrival.

If storage is necessary lady beetles can be stored for 1-2 days in a cool (12°C - 15°C), humid (RH 60%), and dark place. Avoid any contact with direct sunlight.

How to promote establishment?

Temp/humidity: Lady beetles work best in warm and humid environments, temperatures of 25°C -27°C and a relative humidity of over 60%.

Supplementary Food: Bugfeed, Mite Booster, 10% honey solution.

How to spot Lady beetles after releasing?

The best way to check if ladybug is establishing on the crop is by checking for its eggs. It tends to lay its eggs on the underside of leaves in clusters of light-yellow ovals. You may also scout for its larvae, but it can be challenging since they move extremely fast and tend to hide when the plant is disturbed.