How to release AphidLiv (Aphidius colemani)

What’s in the AphidLiv tube?

Predator: Aphidius colemani – mummified aphids. 

Carrier: Sawdust 

Food: 50% honey solution swab

How to release Aphidius colemani?

  • For best results, application should be during mild temperatures (early morning or late afternoon).
  • Remove the container lid and place the container near an aphid hotspot. 
  • Make sure the mummies remain dry and are not disturbed for 2-3 days
  • Don’t sprinkle the mummies directly on to the plant. They can fall into the soil and get wet, reducing the overall efficacy of the product.
  • Avoid washing or debranching the plants after release.

Can you store Aphidius colemani?

We recommend releasing the predators immediately upon arrival.

If storage is necessary aphidius colemani can be stored for 1 day in a cool (8-10°C) dark environment. Avoid contact with direct sunlight.

How to promote establishment?

Temp/humidity: The wasps’ activity is optimal between temperatures of 25-28°C. Colder temperatures (below 15C) can cause the parasitoid to become inactive.

Supplementary Food: Aphid Banker Plant, 10% honey solution

How to spot A.colemani after releasing?

Aphidius colemani are tiny and dark coloured wasps that do not sting. Marking the release areas and look for parasitized aphids in those areas. The mummies should appear two weeks after the release.

How long till you see results and how often should you be reordering?

New aphid mummies should appear 10-14 days after the release. They will produce the next generation of the parasitoid. If aphids are present, release should be made weekly, for at least 2-3 weeks to create overlapping generations of the parasitoid.

Frequently asked questions

I used aphidius colemani but couldn’t find any mummified aphids after releasing. What am I doing wrong?

A.colemani does not attack potato aphid, so if no mummies are found conduct an aphid identification.