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Aphid Banker Plant

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Wheatgrass infested with bird cherry oat aphids (Rhopalosiphon padi) which are supplemental food for Aphidius Colemani, a parasitoid for green peach, cotton and melon aphids. This creates a self-sustained system that provides a continual supply of Aphidius Colemani which disperses into the greenhouse in search of pests.

Aphidius colemani is not included.

Crops Not Compatible:

Easter lilies, Alstroemeria, ornamental grasses, orchids, daylilies, irises, tulips, daffodils, palms, sweet corn, onions and garlic, and plants in the cabbage family.

Introduction Rate:

  • Minimum of two aphid banker plants per acre at the start of the season.
  • Must change aphid banker every two weeks in order for the system to work effectively.


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