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Amblyseius Californicus & Swirskii

CaliLiv and Swirskii Sachet

CaliLiv and Swirskii Sachet

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Our sachet paper printer is down. Sachets are currently only available in plain white packs. There will be no design on them.

This pack consists of 50% swirskii sachets and 50% californicus sachets to provide all around protection against spider mites and thrips. Both these predatory mites are polyphagous and will feed on other prey or pollen to survive.

This product is not recommended if pests are already present on the plants. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kara Corbett

Very satisfied with order. Thank you again growliv for keeping my plants happy and healthy! Fast service, and everything was packaged well!

Thanks for the review, we're glad you are happy with the sachets!

Eric M
Sachets are great preventative!

Had bad infestation of spider mites so used Pytoseiulus Persimilis along with swirisky and californicus sachets! Be patient and reapply Persimilis if required! I get new sachets every 4 to 5 weeks! The tiny spider mite outbreaks disapear in aweek or so by are occurring with less frequency as each month goes by! Yay Growliv!

We're glad to hear our products are working for you! Thanks for taking the time to write a review :)


Despite having them in optimal conditions with lots of food available they, seem to have disappeared? and done little to nothing to suppress or end the pests. Unlike your competitor's product, these mites were ineffective.

Thanks for your feedback. Sachets are meant for preventative control only, before pests arrive. The number of mites released from sachets is not high enough to keep up with the fast life cycle of pests. It is best to use this product with a more aggressive predator (OriLiv for thrips or PersiLiv for spidermites) to suppress and prevent the pests. Send us an email with the pest issue you are trying to manage and we will be happy to recommend a product that will work best for you.


Great fast service, well packed products.

Thanks for the 5 star review :)

Heather Kuppe

Amblyseius Californicus & Swirskii Sachet

Thanks for the 5 star review! :)