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Dalotia Coriaria



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Dalotia Coriaria (Atheta Coriaria, Rove Beetle)

What's AtheLiv?

AtheLiv contains a generalist soil-dwelling predatory beetle, Dalotia coriaria, formerly known as Atheta coriaria. It is best known for its ability to control and prevent fungus gnats but can also be used for preventative control of moth flies, pupating thrips, root aphids, diapausing spider mites and root mealybugs.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cynthia Gamache
Fast and effective

The dalotia were very alive and very swarming. The containers were easy to pour over our plants. Thank's !

Donald Rizzi
growliv all the way

best customer service and wonderful selection of critters.

also over all best price iv seen. thanks so much growliv

We appreciate your positive feedback! Thank you for the 5-star review!

Stacey Davis
Nothing but the best!

Always fast delivery and everything arrives in great shape!

Thank you for your positive feedback!

Eric M
groliv is grobest!

fast service for bugs that fight like Ukrainians!

Thanks for the five star review!

Shawn Nagle
Great product and easy to breed

These work very well and are easy to breed at home to keep a consistent supply.

Thanks for the five star review shawn! :)