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Amblyseius Californicus

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Target Pests

  • Two-spotted Spider Mites (Preferred Food) 
  • Western Flower Thrips
  • Onion Thrips
  • Cyclamen Mites
  • Broad Mites
  • Rust Mites
  • Brown Almond Mites


Ideal Environment

  • Californicus can survive temperatures of 16-32°C. 
  • Humidity of 50% or higher is required for all predatory mites. Please don't use or store any mites in low humidity, they won't survive.
  • Use as soon as delivered for optimal results.


Tips & Tricks

  • Californicus works best when used preventatively or when spider mite infestation is low, for best results allow californicus to buildup on the crops before spider mite can establish.
  • When pests are low the predator will stay on the crop and feed on pollen and wait for the arrival of new pests. 
  • If spider mite infestation is high (webbing is present) Persimilis will provide better control. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brittany T

These mites came super fast, and when I did a viability check (sprinkled some of the vermiculite and mites onto some paper and waited for mites to move around) they did quite well!

I've got high hopes that the mites will help to prevent any lingering spider mites from colonizing my plants. The company was also very communicative with my concerns over winter delivery since it's already below zero here - they ship with heat packs and it turned out great!

Jenna L
Exceeded Expectations

Packed so well and very effective! I have gotten beneficial mites from other places and I am overly impressed with GrowLiv! I can’t recommend them enough.

Jonathan Tebbi
Good purchase!

Great product, rapid delivery.

Boyd Mouritsen
Excellent! Timely, Healthy, Excellent Quality!

I highly recommend! These arrived in a timely manner, very healthy and correct numbers!

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