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Amblyseius Swirskii Sachet

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Target Pests

  • Two-spotted Spider Mites
  • Russet Hemp Mites
  • Broad Mites
  • Strawberry Mites
  • Onion Thrips
  • Western Flower Thrips
  • Eastern flower thrips
  • Whiteflies


Ideal Environment

  • Optimal temperature and humidity is 25°C – 30°C & RH of 80%
  • Humidity of 70% or higher is required for all predatory mites. Please don't use or store any mites in low humidity, they won't survive.
  • Use as soon as delivered for optimal results.



100: 100 individual sachets with approximately 250 mites in each sachet (all life stages)

500: 500 individual sachets with approximately 250 mites in each sachet (all life stages)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

When it says size 100, does that mean I am ordering 1 sachet with 100 mites? or am I getting 100 sachets?

Hi, you will be receiving a box with 100 sachets.

Swirskii soldiers

I ordered swirskii mites to battle the thrips that were invading my plants. They are such quick little guys! Haven't seen a thrip since putting the sachets on my plants!

I also wanted to say thank you for the great advice! Any questions I had were answered in a timely manner and I got so much information!

Highly recommend!

Chastity Schofield

My army of Swirskis were hard at work by day 2! Super fast shipping as well I’m very pleased

Steve Miller
Lively little guys

I am so glad I found this company. Their customer service and products are both fantastic. Keep it up!

Lucy MacKenzie
No mites seen

I received these last week and I put them on all my plants immediately but I have not seen any mites on any of my plants, despite being in the proper conditions in which they should be more than happy.

Hi Lucy, we are sorry to hear about your experience and would love to turn it into a more positive one. Please reach out to us via email so we can make this right.

Side note: Sometimes there can be mishandling on the courier's end during transit which can significantly lower the quality of the sachets. Due to this we encourage you to always conduct a quality check once you receive the shipment to ensure they've arrived healthy and happy.

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