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Chrysoperla carnea

ChrysoLiv-ES (Lacewing eggs)

ChrysoLiv-ES (Lacewing eggs)

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What is ChrysoLiv-ES?

ChrysoLiv-ES contains eggs of green lacewing laid on jute strings. The eggs take 3-9 days to hatch into a larvae. Once hatched the colour of the eggs will change from vibrant light green to an opaque-white.The larval stage is particularly aggressive towards aphids but also works exceptionally well as an all-purpose predator. 

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Customer Reviews

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Terry Baillargeon
Natural order...

Have had a bit of rain here, so, I hid the jutes as deep in the canopy as possible. The eggs must have hatched because I don't see them. I've only noticed the 'odd' leaf hopper... so, these critters must be doing their job. When you have a garden this substantial...pests are expected...but, at least with access to generalist/apex can at least get a leg up on them 'Naturally.'

Thanks for the 5 star review!! :)

Duncan Mackinnon
So far so good

Eggs came looking healthy- waiting for them to hatch. Very fast shipping

Thanks for leaving a review :)!!