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Hippodamia convergens

HippoLiv (Lady Beetle)

HippoLiv (Lady Beetle)

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What is HippoLiv?

HippoLiv contains laboratory reared lady beetles with Bugfeed. Lady beetles are an important natural enemy of aphids and can quickly suppress hotspots. It is a generalist predator which means it can also attack other soft-bodied invertebrates such as scales, mealybugs, and thrips. It can also survive on pollen when prey is scarce, but must consume aphids or other live prey to reproduce.

Lady beetles sold by GrowLiv are lab-reared and pre-fed to encourage egg laying. Unlike wild harvested lady beetles, they are free of parasitoids and diseases and provide better control overall.


  Orders are only shipped Monday through Wednesday. Any orders placed past 10am on Wednesday through Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Shannon Crawford
    Lady Beetles arrived safe and sound

    I ordered 200 Lady Beetles to eat all the aphids that are enjoying my back yard. They were wrapped up nicely with an ice pack and insulation. They were alive and well. I just wish there would be an email or sheet suggesting how and when to release them. Morning or dusk? Do I try to release them all on the tree leaves one by one? Do I just open the container and put on the ground under the affected plants? Do I put any sugar water around them to encourage them to stay while finding the aphids. Maybe it was somewhere that I missed. Thanks so much.

    Kailey Bosch

    HippoLiv (Lady Beetle)

    Thanks for the review!


    Lady beetles arrived alive and lively! Not a single casualty, and impressively fast shipping. An earlier shipment confusion was promptly addressed and resolved. I am so impressed with the service, and the product. Enthusiastically recommended!

    Thank you for your wonderful review! We're happy to hear that your lady beetles arrived in perfect condition. Your recommendation means a lot to us!

    Sarah Veinot

    First time buying these for my indoor plants. I have many different types as well as indoor water fountains and multiple humidifiers going my humidity is around 60% most of the time. I have sap releasing plants. I was wondering if these would be a good environment for these bugs to stick around?

    Thank you for your question! While humidity is important, soil moisture is actually more crucial for HypoLiv. Ensuring the soil is adequately moist will help these beneficial bugs thrive in your environment. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out!

    Always flowering
    Great value great quality

    I have purchased the lady beetle several times and I am always happen with what arrives. Having breeding pairs and juveniles in the container is a sign of a healthy host colony. Repeat customer any time I need them!

    Thank you for the wonderful review :)