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Orius Insidiosus



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 What is OriLiv?

OriLiv contains adult Orius insidiosus mixed with buckwheat hulls. It is best known for its ability to suppress thrips, being one of the only predators commercially available that can feed on all mobile stages of thrips. It is a generalist predator which means it can attack a range of soft-bodied insects and mites, including aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, and soft-scales. When prey isn't available it can survive on pollen.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 104 reviews
    Benjamin Harrison


    Robert Leblanc
    thrip infestation

    I had a serious infestation that was quickly spiraling out of control. Meshal had me send pictures of the damaged foliage. She recommended introducing Atheliv, Hypoliv and Oriliv to my indoor garden. The thrips were quickly reduced. I added another introduction of Oriliv approx. a week later. I have not noticed any more signs of thrips since. I can not say enough good about this company. Meshal has always been very helpful, the service has been outstanding and prompt. Thank you so much the help, Bob L

    Sarah Veinot

    Second time buying these guys. I never see anything on my indoor plants but I have so many large old plants that I use it to prevent infestation.
    Most other indoor plant lovers use pesticides on their houseplants, I refuse to breathe in the chemicals.
    These guys are very active and ready to feed when I release. Will be ordering more in the future!
    Thanks for the great bugs!

    supannee adams
    Love it

    Love it

    Patti Adamson
    Released the bugs!

    Orius and hypoliv arrived after lunch today. Impressive considering all the way from Ontario to Alberta. Alive and in search of thrips already. Im hoping they don’t eat/kill my Swirskii ulti-mites! Fungus gnats and thrips begone! Will comment that if not for my dog barking would not have known Purlator dropped them on my front porch. They didn’t ring the doorbell even. Considering it says right on the box live animals do not leave outside. I thought with Purlator you’d have to sign. Good thing I was home waiting their arrival!