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Orius Insidiosus

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Target Pests

  • Thrips (Preferred)
  • Aphids
  • Leafhopper
  • Caterpillar Eggs
  • Mealybug
  • Whiteflies
  • Spider Mites


Ideal Environment

  • Temperatures of 20-25°C and 60% relative humidity


Tips & Tricks

  • If extra pollen is added to establish orius, be aware that the western flower thrips also eat pollen. Thrips should always be monitored to ensure they are not benefiting from this practice.
  • Orius is attracted to yellow sticky traps, if they are being used in your crops, we suggest placing 1 for every 100 plants or more.
  • Orius is a diapausing insect and will become inactive during shorter/cooler days. We don’t recommend using it in the winter unless additional lighting is provided.


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Customer Reviews

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Great product Great shipping

Thanks a lot guys! Quick... cold... GREAT service!!


Ordered Orius and Cucumeris because I have been battling thrips. The Orius were active and ready to get to work. Excellent customer service. Product was hand delivered the next day. Will definitely order from again.

All gone

I don't know what happened, but a few day after I let them free on my plants, I can't find them anynore. Are they all dead? And why?

Thank you for providing your feedback. Most Orius tends to naturally die within 7-12 days after release as part of its life cycle. Since you released the Orius on Feb 9th it is expected that you will not find any Orius on your plants anymore. There are ways you can promote establishment but this is heavily dependant on your grow environment and prey availability. Feel free to email us at if you'd like to learn more.

Amazing Customer Service. I will order back again in Summer time

I have ordered Orius and due to cold and Purolators delivery issues the bugs came as dead . I was totally sad too . The customer care reached out to me and offered me the help. I'm glad and for sure I will order more in summer to avoid the delay and other issues of winter. Thanks again.

Not really satisfied

When the package received the most of the Orius Insidious were dead and I was trying to send the email with the attached pictures it was not going through so I'm really not sure what to say.

We're sorry about the technical issues you had when trying to reach us. Please check your inbox, I've sent you an email regarding the order.

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